Responsibility freedom and creativity Drawing and Design department


Technical drawings are the link between idea and manufacture

“Seeing drawings come to life is enormously satisfying,” explains Susanne Hagensen, Head of the Drawing and Design Department in Denmark. “Technical drawings are the link that binds idea and manufacture and our department helps to make sure that the plans made by the customer and the sales engineers are interpreted precisely and efficiently into working drawings that can be used for manufacture.”

Susanne coordinates and plans the drawing and design work that comes into the Drawing and Design Department. Working in both 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D Inventor drawing programmes, they provide detailed and precise drawings for the Sales Department, Mechanical Construction Department and other departments and subsidiaries.

“We are four trained Technical Designers in the department and we work with the Sales Department and the Mechanical Engineering Department, interpreting their ideas into detailed and precise working drawings. It is enormously satisfying to see the end result of this creative engineering process as a product or system that customers are pleased with. I enjoy the variety of work this brings and the fact that no two days or two projects are the same. I also like being in contact with other people throughout the company.”

Growing within a growing company
Being Head of Drawing and Design is more than just ensuring an efficient work flow.

“Giving the Technical Designers in the department independence and freedom to work gives them pride and a sense of responsibility – and that makes for a much better final result. An important aspect of my role is to support and coach the people in my department so that they can continue to develop their skills and grow.”

When you enjoy what you do, you do it well
Coming to work happy and leaving work happy is important to me and I know that it is important for others too. I need to make sure that others in my department are as happy with their work as I am because when you enjoy your job, you take pride in what you do and do your job well.”

MacArtney is a company that listens and pays attention – not only to customers but also to employees and there is a real sense that opportunity for growth is there for everyone. MacArtney is good at seeing potential in its employees and providing them with the right jobs within the company. I started as a Technical Assistant and am now Head of Drawing and Design.”

MacArtney is a company with many exciting products and that continually develops, a development that Susanne expects will see her heading a larger department as the company grows.