The task is to bring technical, engineering and automation knowledge into a working design for each individual project.

Our strength lies in the way we can combine the perfect team for your project. We have a pool of resources and competencies in-house at MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions, representing all relevant areas. 

Each project is assigned a hand-picked dedicated team with a good mix of skills.

We comprise:

  • Master of Engineering
  • Bachelors of Engineering
  • Production Technologists
  • Mechanical Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Hardware Developers
  • Field Service engineers

Furthermore, our close cooperation with MacArtney Underwater Technology enables us to draw on solution synergies and - if needed - extra forces from all departments in both companies.

All team members - new and old - have in-depth knowledge of wind and offshore industries, with a background in relevant areas - for example, wind installation equipment or preceding workshop experience. Some can even draw on year-long expertise from the marine and underwater sector, rooted in their employment with MacArtney Underwater Technology.

Hence, we are a team - a unit - more than we are defined by roles. We are in expansion and continuously adding new team members to supply competencies and meet market needs.

The process

Often the customer presents a precise concept or statement of intent. The engineer enters the project early, providing recommendations at the quotation phase and giving a sound yet broad-thinking perspective, transforming the idea to reality.

Each step is cared for throughout the project - from the cradle to the grave - with extensive advice shared, including qualified technical, electrical and mechanical idea input to the customer and the project team. 

However, it is not a one-way communication process. The solution is developed in close cooperation with the customer, ensuring clear consensus within the team and that all needs are met.


While system requests are often entirely new and unseen, it is not unusual that some features and technology can be used in both worlds. This prompts a long track record and proven technology.

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