About us

For more than 60 years, we have developed and manufactured high standard hydraulic cylinders of excellent quality for the industrial and offshore markets.

MacArtney Hydraulics A/S is the former Klinkby Maskinfabrik A/S and has been part of the MacArtney Group since 2014.

Our speciality is designing and producing bespoke hydraulic cylinders for industrial and offshore applications demanding high-performance and excellent craftsmanship. 

The workforce comprises high-performing and high-potential employees. We invest in an ongoing increase and development of the skills base securing high-quality products and keeping MacArtney Hydraulics an attractive workplace.

We have a well-equipped machine shop with CNC controlled milling- and turning machines, robot-assisted for serial production of parts and components for hydraulic cylinders.

We produce a range of cylinders in Stainless Steel optionally equipped with position indication. Furthermore, our production includes blocks and manifolds in Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel or exotic materials.

Besides custom made cylinders, we offer a standard range of hydraulic cylinders; the KS2 series is designed for medium-duty and delivered from stock.