The beginning

In 1963, Vagn Kristensen and his brother-in-law Svend Erik Rasmussen founded the company. They started in Vagn's father's garage. While assuring their customers they could supply hydraulics, neither of them knew much - to be completely honest - about the technique. 

However, they delivered what they promised and, under the name Klinkby Maskinfabrik, continued to expand and supply hydraulics to more and more customers.

The journey - it all started with a lathe

They bought a brand new lathe, which they took turns working for 12 hours at a stretch until they could afford a CNC-operated one. 

In 1978, they were able to invest in their first CNC-operated lathe. 

By the year 2000, the company owned 13 CNC lathes and six machining centres.

There has been ongoing investment in machines, automation, and people through the years. The production equipment has been updated accordingly to facilitate the latest technology. Also, the company has taken continuous steps toward automation - an investment in the future.

Now - 60 years later

Today, almost 60 years since its founding, the company is part of the MacArtney Group and goes by the name of MacArtney Hydraulics. 

Hydraulics is still our core competence. Over the past five decades, we have delivered many different cylinders, both standard and highly specialised.