Calibration and maintenance service

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The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group offers calibration and maintenance services for oceanographic and hydrographic instruments. This service is available from our German operation, MBT, in Kiel, Germany.

Service jobs

  • Calibration on CTD and SVP probes
  • Maintenance of side-scan-sonar and echo sounders
  • Maintenance of in-situ nutrient and particle analysers
  • Maintenance of oceanographic sensors
  • Pressure test facility
  • MIL-standard services
  • High-end data acquisition and analysis
  • Further services available - please enquire!

Test environment

  • 3 stabilised salinity bathes (10 PSU, 20 PSU, 35 PSU)
  • 4 stabilised temperature bathes (variable temperatures)
  • 1 adjustable temperature bath for tall devices
  • Lab climate monitoring
  • ESD safe workspace

Calibration standards

  • Temperature: 0.01°C
  • Conductivity: 0.01 mS/cm
  • Pressure: 0.01 dbar
  • Speed of sound: 0.03 m/sec
  • Speed of sound from CTD: 0.1 m/sec
  • Density from CTD: 0.1 kg/m3

Reference measuring devices

  • ASL resistance bridge
  • DDM 1,000 precision temperature
  • Rosemount PT 25 temperature sensors
  • Ozeanus Gallium calibrator
  • Isotech triple point calibrator
  • Autosal 8400A and 8400B
  • Budenberg pressure deadweights
  • Various electrical and electronic test equipment

Redundancy and cross-check
All reference devices are operated in redundant set-ups to guarantee uninterrupted availability and reliable performance of the calibration facility.