Extended Ethernet Flying Lead (E²FL)


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Due to vast geographies and complex field layout configurations, Subsea Ethernet transmission requirements may reach beyond the 100 meter maximum. Extended Ethernet Flying Leads (E²FL) enables Ethernet transmission beyond the limits of the previous 100 meter Ethernet assemblies. 

The E²FL series features two Flying Lead configurations

  • The E²FL-300 enables high integrity Ethernet transmission at distances between 100 meters and 300 meters by utilizing a marinized Ethernet Repeater system in a 1 ATM enclosure. The repeater regenerates the signal via a powered circuit board, allowing it to travel longer distances. One repeater is used in-line for jumpers up to 200 Meters, and two repeaters are used in-line for jumpers up to 300 Meters in length
  • The E²FL-10k enables high integrity Ethernet transmission to distances up to 120 kilometers in length. This series utilizes patented marinized electrical to optical conversion, integrated within the 12-way Electrical Wet Mate connectors. The PBOF hose assemblies are configured with Ethernet data cable plus up to 4 power lines, allowing power to the electro-optical converters from either direction 

Key features

  • Wet Mate Electrical Ethernet
  • Ethernet Jumpers extending beyond 100 meters
  • 30 Year Design Life
  • Long Step-out (up to 300 meters) and Very-Long Step-Out Flying Leads


  • ​High integrity Ethernet transmission
  • Enables Ethernet transmission beyond the limits of the previous 100 meter Ethernet assemblies
  • All E2FL jumpers are suited for connectivity on subsea control modules, data transmission systems, umbilical terminations, electrical junction boxes and other subsea structures​

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