Rolling Seal 8 Optical Connector (RS8)


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The patented Rolling Seal design functions by excluding water and shuttling silt away from the region where the optical ferrules are brought into contact as the connectors are mated. As a result, a clean oil-filled conduit is created for the optical ferrules to connect. The result is a reliable lowloss optical throughput.​ 
The RS8 MK IV generation builds upon the strong performance of the RS8 MK III, including product enhancements for increased robustness, and full qualification to API 17F 4th Edition and SEAFOM TSD-02. The MK IV maintains backwards compatibility to the MK II and MK III generations.​

Introduced in 1995, over 11,000 Rolling Seal connectors are in service across the globe. With a Mean-Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 7.3x10^7 hours, the 25-year reliability for the RS8 is over 99.7%.​

Mark III Performance Enhancements

  • GAF/ELI ensures mating efficiency and eliminates potential for shell damage while offering positive latch  indication.
  • Bulkhead center actuator material change offers increased margin against deformation, for overall field reliability.
  • Bulkhead main spring force increase assures manifold return even when mated at excessive angles.
  • Bulkhead bushing now reinforced and more robust for ROV handling.
  • Longer, contoured cable end lead-in bushing enhances fine alignment of connector halves during the mating sequence

Key features

  • Optical subsea connector
  • Fully qualified
  • 8-Channels
  • 10K psi Ambient​
  • ROV, Stab Mate and Manual Mate configurations

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