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MacArtney workshop facilities
MacArtney offers a wide range of workshop services to owners of underwater technology equipment and systems.

Global moulding and cable assembly services
Empowered by a network of dedicated moulding and cable assembly workshops across the globe, we can handle any type of order - from large-scale series production of cable and connector assemblies to highly advanced one-off custom moulds.

The right hands with the right tools
MacArtney strives to be our industry's number one worldwide partner for cable assembly services. To achieve this goal, we continually work to ensure that our experienced technicians are trained to the highest levels possible and have access to the latest production technology and materials to aid them in their work. This way, our workshops always remain fully geared to provide our customers with a fast turnaround, a high level of efficiency and premium quality.

Computerised moulding
At selected MacArtney moulding and cable assembly workshops, technicians have access to computerised moulding technology, including state-of-the-art mixing machines which are computer controlled to provide accurate mix and material flow ratios allowing flexibility and precise control of shore hardness. Control of mould tool heating is achieved by another computer-controlled system.

Trained and committed to quality
To ensure that all products, systems and services that leave MacArtney moulding and cable assembly workshops represent the highest possible quality, we apply an extensive and proactive commitment
to quality and quality assurance. For instance, MacArtney employs soldering experts with full ESA certification to perform complex tasks. Moreover, our ISO 9001-2008 quality system ensures that all products delivered meet the highest standards.

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