Triton® API 16D Dry Mate Connector


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The Triton® API 16D Dry-Mate Connectors are hand-mateable and designed for submersible electrical connection systems with a requirement for API 16D compliance, where sealing barriers allow for testing after installation. Each connector set is comprised of one cable-end connector plug (CCP) with pressure-balanced oil-filled (PBOF) hose and one flange connector receptacle (FCR) with test port. All designs feature the use of robust materials, including the overmolded electrical modules. The electrical modules utilize engineering-grade plastics instead of the traditional GRE materials to provide product reliability in excess of current industry standards. Dual-barrier seals are also utilized throughout the design, and the rear of the CCP connectors is specifically designed to be robust enough to withstand wave battling and conditions of repeated deployments. Current configurations include 12-Way and 27-Way versions. Each are manufactured in similar packages but each feature unique keying systems, which prevent mismatched pairs from mating. Other Configurations are available upon request.

Key features

  • ​API 16D: 3rd Edition Compliant Test Ports

  • Utilizes Engineering-grade Plastics Instead of Traditional GRE Material

  • Unique Keying and Color Combinations

  • PBOF Integration

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