Side Scan sonars

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EdgeTech Side Scan Sonars offers advanced sonar imaging, search and recovery, survey and UED detection systems and solutions.

EdgeTech’s 4125 Side Scan Sonar System was designed with both the Search & Recovery (SAR) and shallow water survey communities in mind. The 4125 utilizes EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology, which provides higher resolution imagery at ranges up to 50% greater than non-CHIRP systems operating at the same frequency. This translates into more accurate results and faster surveys, thus cutting down on costs.

The 4200 Series is a versatile side scan sonar system that can be configured for almost any survey application from shallow to deep water operations. The 4200 utilizes EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology to provide crisp, high resolution imagery at ranges up to 50% greater than non-CHIRP systems; thus allowing customers to cover larger areas and save money spent on costly surveys.

The EdgeTech 6205 produces real time, high resolution, three dimensional maps of the seafloor while providing an enhanced and fully integrated swath bathymetry and dual frequency side scan sonar system.

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