ESG at MacArtney Group

Working with ESG at MacArtney

MacArtney's work within ESG is structured around four strategic focus areas:

Responsible production and consumption

MacArtney has an environmental footprint in our daily operations and production at our facilities around the world. This includes sourcing and purchasing materials and products, waste generation, electricity consumption, food waste, recycling, etc.

We are working on responsible purchasing and sourcing, optimising our energy use, recycling and recirculating our waste and resources, developing our products and solutions and implementing take-back systems for our products.

Carbon accounting and reduction

MacArtney acknowledges climate challenges as one of the biggest challenges we face today. We want to do our part as a company by reducing our carbon emissions and inspiring our employees to do the same. Therefore, we are mapping our Scope 1 and 2 emissions and setting reduction targets per the Paris Agreement.

We have also taken the first steps in developing a Scope 3 baseline.


Life below water

MacArtney specialises in deep-sea operations and aims to connect oceans of knowledge. We believe that our products and solutions play a pivotal role in promoting responsible development of our industry. Consequently, we seek to engage in partnerships with customers and institutions that support and strengthen life below water through research, ocean science, and other initiatives.

Social and corporate responsibility

Being a family-owned business, MacArtney has always had a strong set of values. We have a "do the right thing" attitude when conducting our business, and we want our employees to feel safe, included and respected. This also includes our value chain, where we work with a supplier code of conduct that states our expectations in line with the UN Global Compact towards our suppliers regarding human rights, labour rights, environmental issues and anti-corruption and bribery.


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