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Trends in subsea oil & gas production are moving towards deeper water and longer step out distances. These trends drive demand for higher power equipment and higher power delivery and distribution capabilities subsea with high pressures and temperatures. Teledyne ODI'™s Nautilus WM10-250 is designed with the benefit of advanced material science testing and certification, and with insulation and redundant sealing systems for reliable performance in long-term harsh environments. 

The wet-mate connectors are designed based on ODI'™s field-proven Nautilus technology. The connection systems are tested beyond industry standards and in addition to two independent electrical barriers, each socket contact features unique dual redundant oil-filled chambers providing enhanced mechanical barriers. Since each phase is fully shielded, the connector system can be operated wet or dry, allowing motor operation on dry land or deep water applications. An ODI ROV Shuttle Assist Mating System is incorporated into the design to aid in the mating and demating operation to reduce ROV mating time.

Key features

  • One or three pin system
  • Rated to 4,350 psi
  • Independent shielded phases eliminate E-field interaction​

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