Rolling Seal 4 Optical Connector (RS4)


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The evolutionary RS4 design features focus on enhancing operational efficiencies and reducing risks during ROV  intervention where and when circumstances provide for less than optimal mating/demating conditions.  Introduced in 1995,  over 11,000 Rolling Seal connectors are in service across the globe.  With a Mean-Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 5.48x107 hours, the 25-year reliability for the RS8 is over 99.6%, which is the basis for the RS4 design.

The patented Rolling Seal design functions by excluding water and shuttling silt away from the region where the optical ferrules are brought into contact as the connectors are mated. As a result, a clean oil-filled conduit is created for the optical ferrules to connect. This design ensures a reliable, low-loss optical throughput​

The RS4 was developed due to market demands to align operational requirements with product capabilities. The RS4 compliments the RS8 product, ensuring the availability of a connector system that meets customer infrastructure needs, while supporting ongoing efforts to keep capital costs to a minimum.

Key features

  • ​GAF/ELI enhances mating efficiency and eliminates potential for shell damage while offering positive  latch indication
  • Longer, contoured cable end lead-in bushing  enhances fine alignment of connector halves during the mating sequence
  • Reduced channel count to align with more efficient field architectures


  • Suited for connectivity on subsea control modules, data transmission system, umbilical terminations, and junction boxes
  • Industry-standard fully wet-mateable, multi-channel optical connector
  • 30-year design life

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