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The TrustLink field installable termination assembly, or FITA, is a unique subsea connectivity system that assembles a harness cable or array of harness cables to a single cable, typically linking subsea control systems to an umbilical. Unlike other termination assemblies, the FITA can be assembled on site without the need for moulding.

The TrustLink FITA flange can interface several different connector, gland and penetrator types to accommodate customer specifications and operational requirements.

Booting technology is efficient and convenient
MacArtney booting technology makes the TrustLink FITA entirely watertight at every level. Designed to be handled in the field, the FITA process can be performed by trained operators on board a vessel or platform, making it possible to repair broken cables without experiencing lengthy down  time caused by the need for onshore repair. Furthermore, FITA terminations can be re-used without the need for cleaning.

Works fully flooded
TrustLink FITA is oil compensated and maintain the same pressure inside the termination as outside. This allows them to operate at high ocean depth without the need for thick, heavy shells. Though oil filled, should water ingress the termination, it can still continue to operate fully flooded in salt water for 4-6 months.

Features and benefits

  • Eliminates the need for chemicals or moulding
  • Custom designed to suit exact customer requirements
  • All FITA parts can be re-used when terminating
  • Operates even when fully flooded
  • On site termination course
  • Accommodates several different connector, gland and
    penetrator types
  • Ideal for electric and fibre optic connections
  • Long lifetime
  • Suited for use at high ocean depth
  • Can be used with most cable types
  • Housing slides away for easy access, maintenance,
    service and repair


  • Subsea completion systems
  • Subsea control systems
  • Pigtail assembly from ROV to umbilical
  • On-site cable repair
  • Connectivity, signal and power supply for
    subsea installations, systems and equipment


  • Leak sensor with alarm
  • Integration to existing customer oil compensation system
  • Integrated stress termination
  • API standard compliant version (compliance third party
    certified by DNV)


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