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GreenLink inline termination - courtesy of EDF
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MacArtney GreenLink HV inline terminations have been designed to make offshore high voltage termination jobs faster, easier and more efficient, hereby saving valuable ship time. These dry-mate systems are often used to connect dynamic cables from offshore renewable wind, tidal and wave energy converters to export cables. Moreover, they are widely used to interconnect subsea units.

Engineered to be easy to mount and dismount on board a vessel, cables can be terminated before deployment and mechanically connected on deck. The mechanical connection of the two halves takes approximate two hours which makes a significant improvement on the time it normally takes to cut and splice cables offshore. This mechanical connection makes it possible to repeatedly connect and disconnect the cables. It also provides mechanical stress transfer between the cables and offers extra protection with bend stiffeners or bend limiters (optional). Moreover, GreenLink HV inline terminations come with external O-ring test ports on the termination housing. These can be used for testing the O-ring seal on the fully assembled termination prior to system deployment.

GreenLink HV inline terminations can also be mounted onto cable ends for installation in two stages. This way, half of the system can be sealed with a pressure cap and left on the seabed, ready for the other half to be mated at a later stage. GreenLink inline termination systems are adapted to suit the requirement of each project and combine the benefits of custom engineering, trusted technology and industry standard electrical components. Finally, GreenLink HV inline terminations can also be used in semi-flooded or dry applications, if required.


Highlighted specifications

  • Standard working voltage: up to 72.5 kV
  • Up to 2,500 A
  • Conductor range: 95-1,600 mm2
  • Working depth: 100 m
    (other working depths available upon request)
  • Housing material: stainless steel AISI 316L
    (other materials available upon request)
  • Design life: 25 years (with 5 year maintenance periods)


  • Connecting dynamic cables to export cables
  • Connecting cables from wind, tidal and wave energy converter units to land cables
  • Interconnecting marine renewable energy converter units and applications
  • Power distribution for subsea server systems


  • Connection of auxiliary conductors
  • Fibre optic connectivity
  • The termination can be dry or nitrogen filled
  • Field installation and offshore support
  • Purpose designed installation skid
  • Purpose designed handling/lifting yoke
  • Bend restrictors or bend stiffeners

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