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TrustLink stress terminations represent a range of rugged, safe and reliable solutions for connecting a cable to a towed or profiling system or for handling a heavy piece of cabled underwater equipment or a subsea installation. Terminating and moulding the cable to a connector ensures a watertight connection from the cable to the subsea equipment.

MacArtney holds TrustLink stress terminations in stock for steel or kevlar armoured cables with a broad variety of industry standard diameters.

TrustLink stress terminations are available in either a ‘shackle’ or ‘fork’ termination design. While standard TrustLink stress terminations are available with safe working loads (SWL) ranging from 400 to 14,500 kg, MacArtney also holds extensive experience in designing custom stress termination solutions for loads of up to 100 tons.


  • Standard SWL range 400-14,500 kg
  • Body material: stainless steel AISI 316

Features and benefits

  • Simple, rugged, dependable and flexible connectivity
    solutions for multiple applications
  • ‘Shackle’ and ‘fork’ termination designs available
  • Extremely high durability
  • Easy to re-terminate
  • Watertight connection from cable to system
  • Wide range of loads handled


  • Subsea drilling, coring and CPT systems
  • Drop-camera systems
  • Remotely operated towed vehicles (ROTV)
  • Custom towed sensor platforms and towfish
  • Side scan sonars
  • CTD systems and sampling rosettes
  • Sound velocity sensors
  • Dive support equipment
  • Dredging support systems
  • Installing and recovering cabled subsea installations
  • General lifting and handling of towed systems
  • General lifting and handling of profiling systems and


  • Customisable from 1 to 100,000 kg SWL
  • Termination and moulding to connectors and cables
  • Moulded bend stiffeners


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