MERMAC S - Multipurpose winch series

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First introduced for handling delicate oceanographic equipment, MacArtney MERMAC S electrically driven winches are advanced and robust systems suited for numerous general marine applications. MERMAC S winches are available with several purpose-built features and options, making them ideal for use with side scan sonars, corers, CTD systems, towed vehicles and other instrument and equipment types.

MacArtney MERMAC S winches combine reliability with controllability and are supplied with variable speed, tension read-out and control via an integrated load cell. A PLC on the winch controls the electrically driven level wind and transmits encoder and load cell data to a display showing winch speed, paid-out cable length and alarms. The PLC can also interface with other control systems. Optional PC software offers fully automated profiling capabilities.

The winches can be adapted to suit various cable diameters and are also available with interchangeable drums. Spare drums can be spooled with different cable sizes and swapped as needed for a swift change of winch application.

MacArtney MERMAC S winches often form part of complete vessel winch and handling solutions.

Features and benefits

  • Forklift pockets
  • Integrated load cell
  • Compact and modular design using standardised and exchangeable components
  • All structural components in painted carbon steel
  • Electrically driven level wind
  • Adaptable to suit various cable diameters
  • Exchangeable cable drums
  • Long and proven track record
  • Low noise operation
  • Wireless remote control with emergency stop, joystick, and 4-line display, speed, cable out, tension, alarms
  • Standard MERMAC S20 has a frame


  • Side scan sonar systems
  • Sub bottom profiler systems
  • Oceanographic profiling and CTD systems
  • Remotely operated towed vehicles (ROTVs)
  • General oceanographic instrumentation and applications

System options

  • Service and maintenance programme
  • Spare parts packages
  • Ancillary cable drums
  • PC control software, including software for fully automated profiling capabilities
  • A-frame, davit or deck crane
  • Cable sheave
  • Focal electric/electro-optical slip ring model 180 or 176
  • Tarpaulin cover
  • LeBus sleeves
  • Other cable diameters are available upon request
  • Frame for MERMAC S30 and S40

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MERMAC S - Multi purpose winch

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