Field Assembled Cable Termination (FACT)


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The Field Assembled Cable Termination (FACT) is a key enabling technology developed to extend the operational depth of cable terminations in the subsea oil and gas and oceanographic industries.

The FACT approach to cable termination eliminates cable-dependent design limitations and common mode/single point failures. The major design elements used are based on fully qualified and field-proven sealing technologies, and draws upon ODI’s extensive experience in cable termination. The FACT penetrator assemblies have also been designed with modularity in mind and may be used with Teledyne ODI ancillary accessories to adapt to a wide array of interfaces.

Key features

  • Electrical field assembled cable terminations for subsea applications
  • Available in 1-way through 7-way configurations, with multiple​ exits available
  • The FACT modular system isolates the cable elements using a penetrator assembly, eliminating cable-dependent design limitations and common mode/single point failures.


  • Only cable breakout, soldering, and encapsulation are preformed in the field, thus significantly reducing operator dependence, termination time and significantly increasing reliability.
  • May be terminated directly to atmospheric enclosures or pressure balanced dielectric fluid-filled splice canisters
  • Modular design adapts to a wide array of interfaces
  • The majority of the assembly is factory built and tested, decreasing potential issues of field assembly

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