Quality Assurance System

MacArtney A/S is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through the 4 definitions of the concept of quality:

A. Quality is the fulfilment of requirements

Requirements include the following: 

  • Customer needs
  • Procedures
  • Drawings
  • Working instructions
  • Service
  • Directives and regulations
  • Production and QA plans
  • Specifications
  • Engineering standards
  • Standards of workmanship


B. Prevention is the way to achieve quality
Prevention means eliminating the risk of non-conforming products.

C. Performance standard is zero failure
This standard is achieved by doing each job right first time around.

D. Quality achievement is measured through size of error and costs
The total amount for the non-conforming product or loss is the sum of all costs associated with not completing the work correctly first time.

The MacArtney A/S management goal is to introduce quality into all processes within the company. Product quality level must always meet the agreed specifications, relevant standards and legal requirements.

MacArtney A/S management’s goal is effective planning, execution and control of processes that lead to project success and customer, owner, employee and associate satisfaction.