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The Angled Physical Contact Rolling Seal 8 Connector (RS8 APC) from Teledyne ODI is a wet-mateable optical connector with angled endfaces. The design reduces signal interference due to reflections at the connector face, supporting the next generation of subsea optical communication equipment. The Rolling Seal design provides isolation from seawater and silt when the connectors are unmated. As the seals rotate, the fibers join inside a clean, oil-filled conduit, resulting in a reliable optical throughput. The RS8 APC incorporates RS8 Mark III design features to enhance operational efficiency and reduce risks during ROV intervention.

Key features

  • 8 optical circuits
  • Improved Optical Return Loss​
  • 10 kpsi ambient
  • ROV, Stab, or manual mate configurations
  • 30 year design life

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