430/432 LV Electrical Swivel

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The Model 430/432 provides a rotating connection for low voltage power, electrical signal and optical cables in a single package. The shaft is generally configured with hanging turret side cable pigtails that are factory installed. They can be replaced in the field by Focal trained personnel. On the ship side, the swivel is fitted with increased safety junction boxes.

This model is designed to be located at the top of a swivel stack, making it the swivel of choice when a fiber optic rotary joint is required. If a hollow bore is required, the Model 440 or Model 450 is recommended.

The swivel is certified as a flameproof enclosure with increased safety junction boxes on the ship side (Ex de). It is certified for use with intrinsically safe circuits (Ex de[ib]). Ingress protection is IP66.

The Model 432 is a larger version of the Model 430 to accommodate higher currents and more electrical passes.

All 400 series products are intended for use in swivel stacks of Floating Production Systems (FPS). They are well suited for any application requiring a product that can withstand marine conditions or require long life with infrequent maintenance intervals. Designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001 facility under our project management system, products have a two year warranty and are provided with a complete document package.

All products can be modified to meet specific requirements. Installation, commissioning and service is available.


  • 316 stainless steel housing
  • Hazardous area certified / marine classification
  • Voltages to 1 kV / Currents to 200 A
  • IP66
  • Temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C


  • Fiber optic rotary joint
  • Temperature sensor / Heater
  • Shaft encoder
  • IP68 - 20 m
  • Extended temperature range
  • Model 490 data acquisition system
  • Model 491 conduit assemblies

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