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The innovative design of the M3 Sonar® uses two sets of complementary transducers which allow it to generate both imaging and bathymetric data with the same head. Unique to the M3 Sonar® is the patented eIQ mode of operation that generates multibeam images with unprecedented clarity.

The M3 Sonar® has the ability to configure applications using complex pulses. The system allows the operator to interleave active pings and passive listening modes, Doppler, multiple true-zoom windows (up to 4) with linear FM and CW imaging modes of operation. Data outputs are compatible to the following third party








 Visual Soft

Five operating modes:

  • Imaging
  • Enhanced Image Quality (eIQ)
  • ROV Navigation (selects eIQ or imaging based on range)
  • Profiling/Bathymetry
  • Dual Head Pipeline survey


  • Marine engineering & site inspection
  • Shallow water bathymetric surveying
  • ROV navigation / obstacle detection & avoidance
  • Pipeline surveying
  • Search & recovery
  • Underwater security & inspection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Underwater construction support
  • Scientific research

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