Fluid Rotary Unions

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Fluid Rotary Unions (FRU)
Introduced in the mid 1970’s to serve in diver life-support umbilical systems, our fluid rotary unions have been diversified to include a broad range of applications.

Our fluid rotary unions are currently used around the world to ensure reliable transmission of life support, process, power and control fluids. Currently, fluid rotary unions rated for pressures up to 15,000 PSI (1000 bar) are available.Seals are selected based on chemical compatibility, design pressure, design temperature, required service life and acceptable leakage rate. Leak collection can be supplied when required for environmental or personnel safety. Fluid rotary unions can be combined with our electrical slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints.


Typical Use

  • Marine and life support systems such as saturation diving
  • Training centrifuges for pilots and astronauts
  • Industrial indexing tables
  • Chemical injection systems
  • FPSO hydraulic power and control systems
  • Semiconductor clean room robotics


  • Customized mounting and drive configurations
  • Customized materials to satisfy weight, chemical compatibility and other requirements
  • Customized port configurations
  • Hard coating, standard on high pressure FRU, can be selected for improved abrasion resistance and extended seal life
  • Leakage detection and collection 


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