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MacArtney's GreenLink range comprises medium and high-voltage connectivity solutions combining the benefits of custom engineering, trusted technology and industry-standard electrical components.

Fast and flexible grid connectivity solutions
Offshore, time is a most valuable resource. A change in weather changes the conditions, entailing reduced time windows for connecting offshore power generation platforms to onshore power grids, for example. 

The MacArtney GreenLink range is designed for faster, easier and more efficient offshore termination tasks, securing valuable ship time via 

  • Flexible installation in multiple stages
  • Possible onshore pre-termination

Furthermore, the 25-year lifespan ensures rugged and reliable, long-term operation with minimum downtime for maintenance services.

Fit-for-purpose options
The range includes MV and HV inline terminations and hubs, offering several fit-for-purpose options ensuring a safe, fast, easy and efficient transfer of the harvested power - regardless of the energy source being offshore wind, wave or tidal. 

GreenLink is also suitable for 

  • Wet, semi-flooded or dry applications
  • Fibre connectivity
  • Dry or nitrogen-filled termination
  • Purpose-designed installation skid
  • Deployment in seawater

GreenLink - Connecting to nature
MacArtney is dedicated to providing expert connectivity solutions for harvesting and harnessing the power generated by marine-based energy sources, ensuring that every watt is safely and efficiently transferred to the land-based electricity grid.

For this purpose, the GreenLink brand brings together a range of robust solutions based on years of research, development and field deployment.

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