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For use with LUXUS cameras and lights, MacArtney holds a full and dedicated range of LUXUS brackets in stock.

The LUXUS range of universal mounting brackets includes four different standard sizes compatible with all LUXUS models. The brackets are lightweight, yet robust and practical as they allow users to obtain perfect alignment of LUXUS cameras and lights, when mounted on subsea vehicles and equipment.

For use with diver helmets, LUXUS helmet mounting brackets are fully compatible with most professional diver helmet brands and models.

MacArtney also supplies a special LUXUS click-on dovetail bracket configuration, which makes it very easy to mount and demount LUXUS equipment on diver helmets and small ROV systems.

A final member of the LUXUS family is the rugged and handy LUXUS pistol grip bracket, which is widely used for diver inspection work.

Manufactured from high grade plastic and AISI 316 stainless steel, LUXUS brackets are rated for use on 4,000 metres water depth.

Features and benefits

  • Light weight
  • Robust quality
  • Practical and easy mounting of equipment
  • Perfect alignment of equipment
  • Compatible with professional diver helmets
  • Standard sizes
  • 4,000 metre depth rating


  • LUXUS cameras
  • LUXUS lights
  • Diving applications
  • Diver helmets
  • Underwater vehicles, systems and applications


  • LUXUS click-on dovetail bracket
  • LUXUS pistol grip bracket
  • Mounting holes or welded installation

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