MacArtney wants to act on principles of accountability, openness, and cooperation, including the ability for employees and collaborators to act on critical matters. The whistleblower system offers a confidential and safe way to report any irregularities or illegalities within the company.

Through the link below, you can submit information about criticisable relationships or report actions that are unethical, illegal or violating internal policies. The scheme aims to bring matters to light that would not otherwise have been reported. Incidents may be reported confidentiality with name and contact details, or you can choose to be 100% anonymous.

Help us disclose potential risks

As an early warning system, whistleblowing can help alert us to potential risks related to, e.g.:

  • Criminal offences like overcharging, fraud, bribery, forgery and similar.
  • Issues related to accounting, internal control and/or corruption.
  • Employee protection according to MacArtney Group guidelines and employment law, including discrimination, violence or sexual harassment.

Please notice that the whistleblower system is not intended for reporting violations of internal guidelines (sick leave, alcohol, dress code etc) or person-related conflicts (general disagreements with management, contract and salary terms, holiday planning etc.).

How to report

When you click on the link below, you are redirected to an external page where you can create a new secure report or follow up on an existing report. Follow up to your report may be relevant for several reasons:

  • You wish to see the status of your report to check if any further casework has occurred.
  • You wish to provide additional information for your report.
  • The system administrators have requested additional information from you to help them follow up on your alert.

After you have submitted your report, the MacArtney HR Director will activate the necessary procedures to handle your report. All reports are treated with strict confidentiality.

For more information, please read the Whistleblower Policy, which can be found on the Whistleblower page.

Click on this link to submit a Whistleblower report: MacArtney Whistleblower System