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Junction boxes are used for complex power and signal distribution. The junction boxes have redundant mechanical barriers. The mechanical integrity of the junction box is verified during helium leak testing and hydrostatic testing of the jumper assembly. Thermal and pressure compensation is provided by the radially compliant hose or by purpose built bladder compensators, hose lengths must be sized according to the junction box internal dead volume.

Subsea junction boxes serve two main purposes

  • To distribute input signals to multiple output signals where wire splicing typically occurs within the Junction Box to distribute the signals.
  • To marshal the input signals to multiple output connections, typically where no splicing is necessary inside the Junction Box

Available in both stainless steel and titanium, CP, Gr 2 materials

Key features

  • ​Teledyne ODI offers junction boxes integrated with electrical and/or optical wet mate connectors to provide a turn-key solution for reliable subsea distribution

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