P10-250 Electrical Penetrator


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​For higher subsea power requirements, the P10-250 from Teledyne ODI is designed to provide reliable barrier protection at extreme pressures and temperatures. The penetrator extends through a wall or bulkhead and connects to medium voltage cables to supply an external power source. In electric submersible pumping (ESP) applications, the penetrator transfers power to the motor while maintaining a pressure barrier between the motor and the seawater.

Teledyne ODI's unique penetrator design utilizes ceramic and allows the material to be in full compression at maximum pressure. With this unique design, robust and reliable barrier protection can be provided at extreme high pressures, high temperature, and high power. This ceramic penetrator is also designed for differential pressure.

Key features

  • 6/10(12) kV; 250 Amps
  • Bi-directional 
  • Ceramic material withstands high pressure and temperatures​
  • Single-phase or Three-phase configurations

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