Pressure Balanced, Oil-Filled (PBOF) Hose


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Pressure Balanced, Oil-Filled (PBOF) hose assemblies from Teledyne ODI are designed and qualified to accepted industry standards. The double-walled hose design incorporates inner and outer elastomeric barriers with fiber reinforcements to withstand the demands of long performance life requirements in deep ocean interconnect and distribution applications. The hose is filled with non-conductive silicone oil, which acts as a pressure compensator and dielectric. The electrical and/or optical conductors are loosely housed within the oil-filled assembly

Key features

  • Reliable and economical assemblies for electrical and optical subsea jumpers
  • Can be terminated to a variety of common industry hose end fittings for a range of subsea applications
  • Eliminates the need for short run custom cables
  • A range of sizes to fit specific conductor or fiber requirements


  • A proven element in subsea power and data networking systems
  • Long-lasting materials and high visibility ensures operational performance over the life of the field
  • ​​Materially flexible for ease of handling on deck, or subsea by an ROV

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