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The FACT is a key enabling cable termination technology developed to extend the operational depth and significantly increase the reliability of cable terminations. The Compact FACT is designed specifically for 4-conductor cables, employing a smaller form factor for applications with space limitations. The modularized FACT technology completely isolates the cable elements from the pressure balanced dielectric fluid-filled splice chamber and ambient subsea pressure using a penetrator assembly.

The FACT, which provides isolation of the cable elements using a penetrator assembly, eliminates cable-dependent design limitations and common mode/single point failures. The FACT penetrator assemblies may be terminated directly to atmospheric enclosures or pressure balanced dielectric fluid-filled splice canisters. The FACT penetrator assemblies have also been designed with modularity in mind and may be used with Teledyne ODI ancillary accessories to adapt to a wide array of interfaces.

Key features

  • Subsea cable terminations with four electrical circuits and a minimized footprint
  • Adapts to a wide array of interfaces
  • Max pressure 6,600 psi


  • The compact FACT is purpose-designed for applications with a smaller footprint, saving cost and complexity
  • 25 year life validated by testing and scientific methods
  • Employs a penetrator assembly to eliminate cable-dependent design limitations

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