Data acquisition

In the MacArtney universe, ‘Data Acquisition’ covers a vast group of products and systems which are used each in one way or another for sampling data, which characterise real world physical conditions, observe and record natural, underwater environments and man-made subsea structures and transmit the data and observations to the surface in real time.

Providing the link between surface and seabed

MacArtney has built up an agelong track record of supplying in-house developed and manufactured innovative and highly versatile data acquisition systems which represent various ranges of telemetry solutions, remote technology systems, underwater camera and light systems and a vast variety of underwater technology instruments.

The MacArtney data acquisition products and systems represent state-of-the-art telemetry technologies, ROTV systems and various efficient and flexible survey and monitoring solutions. They are all ideal for a multitude of demanding underwater tasks and applications designed to combine flexibility in terms of operation and service, excellent performance and reliability.

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