Cable Status Indicator MKII


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The MacArtney cable status indicator displays length of cable and line speed. It can be adapted to suit any winch or sheave block installation. 

The LCD display with two lines of 16 digits shows the length of the cable outboard in metres and the line speed in metres per minute or meters per second.

The cable display can be reset to zero or to a custom offset directly from the front panel. It can also be connected to a PC via RS 232 or RS 422 communication ports.

The continuous data string showing cable length and speed can be transmitted to another MK II cable status indicator and/or a MacArtney jumbo display set in slave mode.

The system consists of

  • Sealed splash proof sensor unit
  • Deck cable
  • Display electronics unit 

The cable status indicator is designed for use in connection with the MacArtney range of cable sheaves.

Features and benefits

  • LCD display
  • High resolution
  • High accuracy
  • Easy to set up
  • Menu controlled
  • RS 232 or RS 422 communication ports
  • Master/slave function
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for panel mounting
  • PC set up and display software programme
  • Universal AC/DC supply range


  • Towed vehicles
  • Side scan sonars
  • ROV launch and recovery systems
  • CTD sensors


  • Low voltage AC/DC supply
  • Remote display
  • Jumbo display
  • Lid for IP66 installation
  • Other options available

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