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Moog Focal offers standard pressure tolerant electronics, optical couplers and fiber optic transceivers (SFPs) for demanding subsea applications. These devices can withstand the extreme ocean depths when installed in a pressure balanced, oil filled (PBOF) enclosure with a standard depth rating up to 4000 m. Using PBOF technologies can increase available space for connectors and reduce or eliminate costs of large one atmosphere housings.

Moog Focal has been providing pressure tolerant products since 2007 with thousands of components in the field. Pressure tolerant solutions exist for HD video, Gigabit Ethernet, analog video, serial data, optical couplers (WDM, CWDM, splitter) and fiber optic transceivers (SFP up to 4.25 Gbps, CWDM and bidirectional versions).

Rigorous design testing is conducted on all new products to ensure optical and electrical performance at rated pressure and during rapid pressure cycling. Qualification and design tests are redone with any significant changes in the build process or component structures.

Pressure tolerant products need to be enclosed in a subsea junction box or enclosure filled with oil. Focal has tested compatibility with many typical oils used in the marine industry and continues to validate additional fluids as new applications emerge.


  • Standard rating to 4000 m, optional for 5000 m or deeper
  • SFP optical transceivers up to 4.25 Gbps data rate
  • CWDM and BIDI SFP optical transceivers
  • Electronics and optical multiplexers available
  • Fully qualified for pressure and fluid compatibility
  • Each production unit screened with rapid pressure cycles and long term soak


  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  • Subsea Controls (BOP, Drilling, Processing)

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