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The family of Focal™ 912 Optical/Electrical/Optical (OEO) converters provides a wide range of optical conversion solutions.

Moog’s family of low latency Optical/Electrical/Optical (OEO) converters provide a range of options for repeating optical data signals, converting them to other optical or electrical formats, or combining multiple fibers onto a single fiber via Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM). Each product in the 912-OEO product family employs high-reliability design and production processes, including environmental stress screening (ESS) to ensure reliable performance over a long life, even in harsh environments.

The conversion of optical wavelength or fiber type - singlemode to multimode or vice versa - is often a cost effective solution when integrating off-the-shelf optical equipment in nonstandard configurations (e.g. operation over long distances or through mixed fiber systems). Each converter supports multiple data rates and signal formats, including Ethernet (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps), ATM, SONET, Fiber Channel, SDI/HD-SDI and many industrial protocols. Multiple converters of differing types may be combined into single racks, boxes or explosion proof enclosures.

  • 912-OEO-4R
  • 912-OEO-8


  • Modular optical and mechanical design
  • Wide range of supported data formats and data rates
  • Link diagnostic monitoring
  • High reliability and long life


  • Easy extension of maximum distances and optical budget for optical telemetry
  • Reduced number of fibers required in cables and fiber optic rotary joints
  • Improve incoming signal integrity and jitter performance
  • Extremely customizable to your application (optical wavelength, fiber-type, channel count)

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