OptoLink Handling Instructions

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure you get the best out of your OptoLink connector.



OptoLink A-CCP to OptoLink A-FCR, BCR or CCR receptacle

Step 1:
Inspect the connector face and O-rings Grease the O-rings with Molykote 111 if necessary

Step 2:
Inspect the connector surface. If the connector surface is dirty, follow the OptoLink maintenance instructions overleaf

Step 3:
Visually align the key way on the CCP connector with the key pin tip on the receptacle before mating (see picture) Do not twist the connector to align it during mating

Step 4:
Push to mate the connector (see picture)

Step 5:
Whilst turning the locking sleeve (see picture) Note: The conector is only hand tightened



OptoLink A-CCP, CCR, FCR and BCR

  • If the optical lenses are dirty, clean with a dry cotton swab
  • If the optical lenses are greasy, clean with an alcohol soaked cotton swab followed by a dry cotton swab
  • Repeat the cleaning process if necessary
  • O-rings must be checked before mating and will require replacing if they show signs of damage
  • Always grease O-rings with Molykote 111 

Note: Always install dust caps when connectors are unmated