Electrical Slip Rings

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Electrical slip rings (ESR)
Designed to function in extreme marine environments, our electrical slip ring units are used around the world for reliable power and signal transmissions in
marine surface and subsea applications.

Diverse Applications
Used in the majority of current work-class ROV models and underwater trenchers, geophysical, oceanographic and other winches, our electrical slip ring units are customized for the most demanding environments.

The Model 176 is a versatile design found in applications as diverse as Remotely Operated Vehicle systems, both surface and subsea, towed arrays used by various navies, seismic exploration, subsea control systems and oceanographic monitoring installations.

The Model 180 is used in smaller winch systems such as those for oceanographic sensors and small ROV systems. In fact, our electrical slip rings were used in the discovery of the Titanic and the Bismark.


Typical Uses

  • Remotely operated vehicles
  • Towed arrays and seismic streamers
  • Oceanographic winches
    Cable reels
  • Sonars
  • Subsea cameras
  • Industrial rotary tables
  • Industrial machinery

Hazardous Locations Classifications Available (Model 176 and Model 180)

  • Class I, Group C, D and Class 1, Zone 1, Group IIB (CSA)
  • KEMA certification: ATEX 2 G EEx de IIA or IIB T5 (ATEX directive 94 / 9 / EC)
  • Can be supplied with purge fittings for use with a certified purging system
  • Can be used as simple apparatus in intrinsically safe systems (EN 50020)
  • Can be certified as associated apparatus (EExd [Ib] IIB T5) on special order (EN 50020)


  • Supply and installation of suitable customer specific connectors, junction boxes and cables
  • Fluid filling and pressure compensation for underwater use
  • Shaft encoders and other electronic devices

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