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On top of the MacArtney TrustLink connector range, MacArtney supplies a complete series of API connectors which are designed and tested in compliance with American Petroleum Industry (API) standards 16D and 17E for deployment in critical and strictly regulated subsea environments. Today, TrustLink API connectors are widely used for interfacing subsea systems such as flexible riser umbillicals, acoustic releases, for blowout preventer (BOP) systems and other subsea applications from leading manufacturers across the world.

Full API compliance - third party certified
As an industry unique feature and testimony to the level of dependability and quality sought, full API standard compliance (design and testing) of all TrustLink API connectors is third party (DNV) certified.

Standard TrustLink API connector versions include 4, 12 and 24 electric pin configurations as well as a fibre optic connector solution. The TrustLink API series also includes a Field Installable Termination Assembly, or FITA, a unique system that assembles one or more harness cables to a single cable, typically from subsea control systems to an umbilical. Unlike other termination assemblies, the FITA can be assembled on site without the need for moulding.


TrustLink standard connectivity solutions
In case you do not require an API compliant, however, still a state-of-the-art connectivity solution for critical subsea and offshore applications, the MacArtney TrustLink range holds several rugged, advanced and high performance options.

TrustLink API Connectors

Subsea connectivity for critical environments
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TrustLink API FITA

Field installable termination assembly
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TrustLink API Fibre Optic Connector

Subsea fibre optics for critical environments
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TrustLInk API
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