TrustLink Metal Shell Connectors

The TrustLink Metal Shell (MS) series includes a range of cutting-edge power and signal connectivity solutions for critical subsea and offshore applications, in metal shell housing.

Based on advanced technology, rugged materials and MacArtney connectivity knowhow, the TrustLink MS series is manufactured from stainless steel and comes in three shell sizes compatible with industry standards. Due to their rugged reliability, these high-density connectors are suitable for the harshest of marine environments and the compact modular design is advantageous where limited space is a factor.

The TrustLink MS connectors are provided in several configurations ranging from 4 to 37 electrical contacts. The series thereby offers excellent flexibility to operators of subsea equipment and systems. All TrustLink MS connectors comply with the EN 60664-1 requirements for clearance and creepage distances, meeting safety standards for pollution degree 2 within a microenvironment. All metal parts are provided with an anti-seizing surface.


All connectors and bulkheads are supplied unterminated. However, custom moulding and termination by MacArtney is available from MacArtney’s global stock that includes a large range of standard MacArtney cables.

Reversed male/female inserts
The TrustLink series allows the same housing to be mounted with either a male or a female insert making it a very versatile connector.

Trustworthy testing
All TrustLink connectors are thoroughly tested at every stage during production to ensure full integrity, functionality, and first-rate performance from surface to seabed.

Highlighted specifications

  • Resistant to open face water pressure
  • Up to 25 A rating
  • Depth rating 600 bar (mated)
  • Available in three shell sizes
  • Designed and tested to the EN 60664-1 standard
  • Compliant with the standard for insulation coordination

Features and benefits

  • Available from global stock
  • Cable connectors available in CCP, PBOF and boot versions
  • Design allows for reversed male/female inserts
  • Anti-seizing surface
  • High pin counts
  • Available in multiple configurations
  • Robust and smooth keyway
  • Fast turnaround time for moulding and termination
  • Compact modular design
  • Large range of standard cables in stock
  • Traceability on inserts


  • ROV/AUV/trenchers
  • Naval systems and equipment
  • Oceanographic systems, equipment and instrumentation solutions
  • Seismic/ocean bottom systems
  • Subsea nodes
  • Underwater camera, video and lighting
  • Survey systems and instrumentation
  • Offshore oil and gas systems
  • Subsea renewable systems
  • Power supply for underwater pumps
  • Hazardous environment systems
  • Underwater telemetry systems
  • Dredging
  • Harsh environment monitoring systems


  • Other materials on request
  • Can be supplied with moulding and termination