Fibre Optic Rotary Joint Model 206

The model 206 offers the highest performance on a single-pass, singlemode unit. It is also our most robust, single-pass, singlemode assembly. The model 206 can accomodate bulkheadmounted receptacles or terminated with connectors.

The FO206 is a single-pass, singlemode fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ). It is passive and bidirectional, and allows the transfer of optical signals across rotational interfaces.

The FORJ maintains the full benefit of fiber optics end-to-end in digital and analog transmission to and from rotating equipment. These benefits include high bandwidth and immunity to most forms of EMI.

The FO206 can be combined with our electrical and fluid slip rings, providing a single, compact package for optical signals, electrical power and fluid transfer. Most of the external features on the FO206 can be modified to meet the customer’s custom requirements.


  • Provides rotary coupling for a singlemode fiber link
  • Passive bidirectional device
  • Can be combined with our electrical slips and fluid unions
  • Connectorized interfaces, for easy fiber cable replacement
  • Customized mounting flanges available
  • Optional fluid-filled version for deep submergence to 10,000 psi (69,000 kPa)
  • Can be integrated into existing slip ring designs
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Rugged design
    • MIL-STD-167-1 ship vibration
    • MIL-STD-810D functional shock (40 g)