Acceptance Testing

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Before any equipment delivery, we perform FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) on our premises via our unique test facility. FAT comprises testing of safety instrumented systems and functions, including a mechanical structural test, performance test and a function test of the electrical system.

FAT is carried out to ensure short on-site commissioning, reliable equipment, and the possibility of training/showing our customers how the equipment is operated.

MacArtney has a history of working closely with several accredited certification bodies. All accredited bodies set up rules and regulations within their field, weighing the steps from design and production to testing and costs before the solution is implemented with the customer.

The cooperation supports our processes, ensuring the customer that the products are qualified for use in their equipment.

Some of these bodies are: 

  • Bureau Veritas
  • Lloyd's
  • ABS

One of Europe's largest test facilities

At MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions in Bur, we have one of Europe's largest test facilities comprising:

- 1 MW generator power capacity
- 230/400/690 VAC supply
- Tower for static and dynamic testing, 14 m ground clearance
- Static load test of up to 80 tons 
- Dynamic load test of up to 32 tons


Furthermore, we recommend that we participate in on-site tests, Harbour Acceptance Test (HAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

First and foremost, to ensure the equipment fully covers and meets customer demands. However, it also gives the customer and operators a good first start with the equipment.

Our production facilities are placed in the epicentres of offshore, wind and renewable energy industries, enabling us to be on-site fast. We have locations near harbours along the West Coast of Jutland with Offshore Wind Solutions in Bur close to Thyborøn and Thorsminde, the base for Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm, plus Underwater Technology in Esbjerg.

Furthermore, we are accessible at destinations worldwide via our 20 global locations.


FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests)

HAT (Harbour Acceptance Test)

SAT (Site Acceptance Test) 



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