Gross Alignment Funnel / Enhanced Latch Indicator (GAF/ELI)

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A wet-mate connector system designed to optimize ROV mating efficiency, the Gross Alignment Funnel (GAF) can be used in conjunction with the Enhanced Latching Indicator (ELI) to overcome severe approach angles of ROV connectors during mating. In conditions with low visibility and heavy current, the system aids in aligning the mating halves and providing a clear visual indicator when a successful mate occurs. Easily installed on an existing Nautilus or Rolling Seal bulkhead mounted connector, the system reduces ROV operator variability, resulting in faster mating and demating operations.

Key features

  • Latch Indicator demonstrates visually when a successful mate occurs between subsea ROV connectors
  • Alignment Funnel significantly reduces ROV operator variability, ultimately resulting in faster mating/demating of marine connectors
  • Optimizes ROV mating efficiency and reduces operator time, thus lowering total installed cost​ in subsea applications