TrustLink Connectors - Critical connectivity for subsea applications

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TrustLink - Subsea connectivity solutions

Inspired by an ongoing increase in demand for its subsea connector products and advanced connectivity solutions, MacArtney has opted to formally unify its vast spectrum of offerings and competencies within this area under the wings of the new ‘TrustLink’ connectivity brand. Common to all TrustLink solutions is the combination of rugged design, advanced technology, reliable performance and effectiveness.

With a legacy spanning decades of connectivity solution development, testing and operational deployment under some of the harshest conditions our planet has to offer, the MacArtney TrustLink range of subsea connectivity solutions are set to provide and sustain a dependable link between- and interface for vital offshore and subsea systems.

TrustLink API
In case you require a connectivity solution specifically designed, built and tested for deployment in critical and strictly regulated subsea environments, the API (American Petroleum Institute) standard compliant MacArtney TrustLink API series of solutions is a cutting-edge choice.

TrustLink Connectors

Critical connectivity for subsea applications
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TrustLink FITA

Field Installable Termination Assembly
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TrustLink Stress Terminations

Rugged connectivity solutions for heavy loads
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TrustLink Specials

Connectivity solutions and technologies
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