GreenLink (MV & HV)

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Spurred on by continuously increasing demand for dependable MacArtney connectivity solution from marine renewable energy industries and operators, MacArtney has chosen to unify a vast pool of its technical expertise, operational experience and industry leading connectivity solutions under the new and dedicated ‘GreenLink’ brand.

GreenLink - Connecting to nature

Given the finite nature of fossil energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas, alternative marine based energy sources have seen a surge in global interest and investment. For example, the number and scale of wave and tidal energy projects has dramatically increased over the last 10 years with industrial scale test-turbines, novel energy converter technologies and fully operational grid connected arrays already in place at various renewable energy hotspots around the globe. Moreover, the tried and tested wind based renewable energy source is producing significant leaps in technology - with floating wind turbines placed afar from shore and out of sight - where winds are stronger, as a promising ‘next big thing’.

Within this context, MacArtney is dedicated to provide commercially viable connectivity solutions for harvesting and harnessing the power generated, hereunder making sure that each and every watt is safely and efficiently transferred to the land based electricity grid. For this purpose, the GreenLink brand brings together a range of powerful solutions based on years of research, development and field deployment.