24/7 winch hotline service

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Goals of offering
MacArtney winch systems are designed and constructed to offer maximum durability when operating under harsh maritime conditions. However, the risk of occasional malfunction caused by system or human error cannot be completely eliminated.

In response, MacArtney offers a 24/7 hotline service subscription granting unlimited access to remote assistance and rapid rectification of errors - around the clock, on every day of the year. This way, the MacArtney hotline service is an efficient and affordable way to prevent costly downtime and ensure optimal performance throughout winch system deployment and operation.

Scope of service
The MacArtney 24/7 winch service hotline is manned by highly trained, versatile and experienced engineers who are happy to assist you with any operational issue during a system malfunction and to meticulously investigate and address all points of concern.

Value adding preconditions
In order to benefit optimally from our 24/7 hot-line service package, the caller should have insight into MacArtney winch maintenance, operating manuals and/or electical schematics. This knowledge can be readily achieved through the participation in one of our training programmes for winch operators.

To expedite hotline service, we kindly ask any caller to have the winch serial number ready and to ensure that the standard fault finding steps have been performed and results recorded.

Remote access option
Please consider supplementing your winch system with the industry unique MacArtney remote access tool. Once integrated, this tool will enable our engineers to access operational data in real time, hereby facilitating expedited troubleshooting. The remote access tool can operate over internet or mobile networks but only provides system access when you require it. Using this option can save valuable time and even eliminate the costs related to on-site technical support.