Ocean Science

For many years, the MacArtney Group has been recognised by our customers and by the leading manufacturers of oceanographic instruments and sensors as a systems integrator supplying turn-key solutions to operators and developers within the science community, environmental authorities and companies providing monitoring and consultancy services as well as research institutions.

MacArtney holds a strong background and track record within the manufacture and distribution of connectivity and infrastructure products. MacArtney underwater connectors and cables, our diverse range of underwater telemetry systems, winches and launch and recovery systems (LARS) combined with our engineering competences enable us to provide tailor-made systems to accommodate advanced customer specifications for any particular project.


Climate change/Global warming studies, seabed observatories for:

  • Physical Oceanography
  • Coastal research
  • Freshwater research
  • Fisheries research
  • Marine biology
  • Marine geology
  • Environmental monitoring


Hydrographic charting/mapping of the seabed, rivers, channels and ports carried out on behalf of the public:

  • National and Regional charting/mapping services
  • National and Regional waterways authorities
  • Port authorities


  • Shipyards building research vessels, survey vessels (public) and monitoring workboats.
  • Companies operating the RV and environmental monitoring fleets.
  • Operators and fleet/vessel owners.