About us

Global supplier of marine offshore applications

MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions develops, manufactures, and delivers solutions for renewable energy and offshore markets. Our trademark is quality and reliability. 

Representing versatile experience and vast knowledge of the industry, we develop and manufacture individual turnkey solutions that are thoroughly tested, safe and timely delivered.

We have a motto expressing that our customers' business should never be idle due to products delivered by us. Hence, we constantly focus on quality, accuracy, service and highly qualified employees.

Partner with the industry

MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions builds on more than four decades of experience producing handling equipment for the marine segment.

Our strength - and standing - lies in complete system solutions. We own and include all value chain steps from engineering, automation and production to service. We offer smart solutions bringing value to the customer.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing priority on maintaining good and close customer relations, enabling guidance, support and availability in the rapidly increasing wind market.

40 years of experience

At MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions, we believe in the significant market to exploit within the installation of wind farms. It is a strength that MacArtney has more than 40 years of experience in product development and technology from the maritime market, which is directly applicable to the offshore wind segment.

Today we already deliver products to the global wind OEMs for offshore blade installation, hub rotation and other customer-specialised solutions.

Furthermore, we possess in-depth experience in electrical and software applications for the marine sector, including implied requirements of 3rd party approvals and certifications.

Equipment availability

We have a solid background in offshore and marine applications, and we know the importance of the environment for the equipment and the importance of availability.

With our substantial experience in the entire value chain from sales, engineering, automation/software, purchase, production and service, we can deliver full solutions to our customers to support the high equipment availability that often is needed for the marine and offshore market. 

Controlling all the steps

One of our strengths is to have the entire value chain in-house. 

That gives us the broad knowledge to utilise new technologies and think across the value chain to provide our customers with the best solutions. We can balance resources and give the necessary priority to all tasks in the flow.