SubConn Micro Circular - 21 contacts



Drawing information

Dimensions in mm (1 mm = 0.03937 inch)
Threads in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm)


Connector specifications

Voltage rating: 300 V AC rms
DC rating: 85% of above AC rating
Current rating: 5 A per contact (max 40 A per connector)
Insulation resistance: > 200 Mohm
Contact resistance: < 0.01 ohm
Wet matings: > 500
Temperature rating (water): - 4˚ to 60˚C, 25 to 140˚F
Temperature rating (air): - 40 to 60˚C, - 40˚ to 140˚F
Storage temperature rating: - 40 to 60˚C, - 40 to 140˚F
Depth rating: 700 bar, 10,000 psi
Depth rating PEEK: 300 bar, 4,350 psi


Material specifications

Connector body: Chloroprene rubber
Bulkhead body: Brass, stainless steel, titanium, anodised aluminium or PEEK
Contacts: Female sockets in gold plated brass UNS - C36000, male pins in gold plated beryllium copper
O-rings: Nitrile
Locking sleeves: POM
Snap rings: Stainless steel AISI 302
Inline cable (60 cm, 2 ft): 20 AWG 0.52 mm2 PUR
Bulkhead leads (30 cm, 1 ft): 20 AWG 0.52 mm2 tagged PTFE


Face view (male)


Inline cable colour code

1-21: Tagged numbering


Nominal cable outside diameter (OD)

21 conductor cable 0.578’’ 14,70 mm 

3D files 

Please note that our 3D files are not 100 p.c. dimensionally stable.

If a 3D file is needed for tolerance issues, please contact MacArtney for more information.

Step files

MCBH2F.stp MCBH2F-G2.stp MCBH2F-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH2M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2F-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH2M.stp MCBH2M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH2M-G2.stp MCBH2F-G2-WB.stp MCBH2M-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2M-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3F.stp MCBH3F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2.stp MCBH3M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2M-G2-WB.stp MCBH3M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3M.stp MCBH3M-G2.stp MCBH3M-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3M-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2-WB.stp MCBH4F.stp MCBH3M-G2-WB.stp MCBH4F-G2.stp MCBH4F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4F-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH4M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH4M.stp MCBH4F-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4M-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH4M-G2.stp MCBH4F-G2-WB.stp MCBH4M-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH5F.stp MCBH5F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH5F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4M-G2-WB.stp MCBH5M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH5M.stp MCBH5M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH5F-WB.stp MCBH6F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH5M WB.stp MCBH6F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH6F.stp MCBH6M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH6M.stp MCBH6M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH6F-WB.stp MCBH6M WB.stp MCBH8F.stp MCBH8F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH8M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH8M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH8F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH8M.stp MCBH10F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH10F.stp MCBH8F WB.stp MCBH10M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH10M.stp MCBH12F.stp MCBH12F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH12M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH12M.stp MCBH8M WB.stp MCBH16F.stp MCBH16F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH16M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH21M.stp MCBH21F.stp MCBH16M.stp

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