SubConn Micro Circular - 21 contacts



Drawing information

Dimensions in mm (1 mm = 0.03937 inch)
Threads in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm)


Connector specifications

Voltage rating: 300 V AC rms
DC rating: 85% of above AC rating
Current rating: 5 A per contact (max 40 A per connector)
Insulation resistance: > 200 Mohm
Contact resistance: < 0.01 ohm
Wet matings: > 500
Temperature rating (water): - 4˚ to 60˚C, 25 to 140˚F
Temperature rating (air): - 40 to 60˚C, - 40˚ to 140˚F
Storage temperature rating: - 40 to 60˚C, - 40 to 140˚F
Depth rating: 700 bar, 10,000 psi
Depth rating PEEK: 300 bar, 4,350 psi


Material specifications

Connector body: Chloroprene rubber
Bulkhead body: Brass, stainless steel, titanium, anodised aluminium or PEEK
Contacts: Female sockets in gold plated brass UNS - C36000, male pins in gold plated beryllium copper
O-rings: Nitrile
Locking sleeves: POM
Snap rings: Stainless steel AISI 302
Inline cable (60 cm, 2 ft): 20 AWG 0.52 mm2 PUR
Bulkhead leads (30 cm, 1 ft): 20 AWG 0.52 mm2 tagged PTFE


Face view (male)


Inline cable colour code

1-21: Tagged numbering


Nominal cable outside diameter (OD)

21 conductor cable 0.578’’ 14,70 mm 

3D files 

Please note that our 3D files are not 100 p.c. dimensionally stable due to the fact that a SubConn® connector is mainly made from rubber which changes tolerances during curing.

If a 3D file is needed for tolerance issues, please contact MacArtney for more information.

Step files

MCBH2F.stp MCBH2F-G2.stp MCBH2F-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH2M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2F-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH2M.stp MCBH2M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH2M-G2.stp MCBH2F-G2-WB.stp MCBH2M-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2M-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3F.stp MCBH3F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2.stp MCBH3M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH2M-G2-WB.stp MCBH3M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH3M.stp MCBH3M-G2.stp MCBH3M-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3M-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH3F-G2-WB.stp MCBH4F.stp MCBH3M-G2-WB.stp MCBH4F-G2.stp MCBH4F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4F-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH4M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH4M.stp MCBH4F-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4M-G2 w 2 o-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH4M-G2.stp MCBH4F-G2-WB.stp MCBH4M-G2 w 2 o-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH5F.stp MCBH5F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH5F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH4M-G2-WB.stp MCBH5M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH5M.stp MCBH5M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH5F-WB.stp MCBH6F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH5M WB.stp MCBH6F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH6F.stp MCBH6M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH6M.stp MCBH6M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH6F-WB.stp MCBH6M WB.stp MCBH8F.stp MCBH8F 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH8M 2 O-ring 20mm Hex.stp MCBH8M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH8F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH8M.stp MCBH10F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH10F.stp MCBH8F WB.stp MCBH10M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH10M.stp MCBH12F.stp MCBH12F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH12M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH12M.stp MCBH8M WB.stp MCBH16F.stp MCBH16F 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH16M 2 O-ring 22mm Hex.stp MCBH21M.stp MCBH21F.stp MCBH16M.stp

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