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MacArtney ROTV systems
The involvement of the MacArtney Group in the design and manufacture of remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) systems reaches back to 1989, when the development of the first generation of FOCUS systems was initiated. The range was later expanded to include the TRIAXUS oceanographic data acquisition ROTV and the FOCUS 2 towed survey system.

Efficient and flexible survey and monitoring solutions
MacArtney takes pride in the success and track record of its cutting-edge ROTV systems which are widely used by surveying contractors, pipeline inspection specialists and oceanographic institutes across the world. Common to all MacArtney ROTV systems is the efficiency, flexibility and high data quality offered to marine industry operators who often regard the optimal utilisation of ship time as alpha and omega. With this in mind, MacArtney ROTV systems are designed to offer operation of a multitude of sensor options, and empowered by their unique hydrodynamic design, the systems are highly stable, very manoeuvrable and able to effectively collect quality data at high speeds.