Data cable - Type 4022

Construction characteristics

Shielded twisted pair: 0.50 mm² bare copper conductor IEC 60228
class 5 insulated with HDPE
Nominal wall thickness 0.43 mm, nominal diameter 1.75 mm
2 conductors twisted together white-blue with a polyester tape,
tinned copper drain wire
7 x 0.3 mm and aluminium/polyester tape
Polyethylene sheath nominal wall thickness 0.30 mm, nominal diameter 4.35 mm
Colour white numbered 1-11 (11 each)
Filler: 2 ea
Filling compound: Silicone filling compound
Outer jacket: Hydrolysis UV resistant polyurethane. Nominal wall thickness 1.55 mm. Colour black


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 21.20 mm
Weight in air: 549 kg/km
Weight in seawater: 187 kg/km
Weight in fresh water: 196 kg/km
Min. bending radius, static: 106 mm
Min. bending radius, dynamic: 212 mm
Operating temperature range: -30°C - +80°C


Electrical characteristics

Conductor resistance: < 39.00 Ω/km at 20°C for 0.50 mm² conductor
Operating voltage: 600 V for 0.50 mm² conductor