From home office to global Group

Since the humble start on May 1st, 1978, when the late founder Martin MacArtney and his wife Winnie worked out of their home, the MacArtney Group has become a global market leader within the underwater technology industry.

In the beginning, MacArtney was solely a distributor of cables and connectors for offshore use. Gradually, the need to supply more complete systems for the marine sector increased, and by 1982 the first workshop was established.

Market expansion

Entering the broader market for underwater technology entailed a more comprehensive portfolio.

Looking to partner with an experienced business in the market, MacArtney turned to the company ASME (established 1997), located in Bur. In 2008, celebrating its 30th anniversary, MacArtney secured partial ownership of ASME and kicked off a fruitful cooperation.

Acknowledging the synergies between the two companies, with features and technologies matching both underwater and marine offshore applications, MacArtney bought ASME in 2017. To underline the group membership, ASME is re-established as MacArtney Manufacturing.

At the same time, Klinkby Maskinfabrik (established in 1963) joins MacArtney as MacArtney Hydraulics, specialising in designing and producing bespoke hydraulic cylinders for industrial and offshore applications.

Accordingly, the path towards future growth is secured by adding expertise, staff, a long track record and proven technology.

Industry focus

In 2021, with growing market shares and an ongoing need for specialised solutions and knowledge, MacArtney Manufacturing was established as a separate company - MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions. The vision is to focus directly on the offshore wind industry and affiliated sectors.

Experience and modern technology

Overall, MacArtney is a company with +40 years of experience in offshore/underwater technology combined with solid knowledge of mechanical design and automation solutions.